Reading the Bible

There are a lot of things for which discipline. is necessary. To get a job promotion, we have to work harder and get our boss' attention. To get high grades, students have to study regularly and not only before exams. To be physically healthy, our eating habits and nutritional choices must be in check. To be spiritually healthy, we need spiritual enrichment, and the Bible is one of our greatest sources of that.

Reading the Bible, however, shouldn't be something you feel obliged to do, or something you think will give you peace of mind when going through rough times. You should read the Bible because you want to. But what if you don't want to do it? What if you lack the desire or have none at all?  See the best information about bible verses  
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Let's say your parents give you a present on your birthday - a book they lovingly wrote for you, carefully detailing your family's roots, their union, your growing up years, what they think you've become right now, and the path they hope you would take in the future. No matter the specifics of that book, one thing is clear: they love you. Now picture yourself telling them you've covered one chapter today, as if you only did that to please them.

The idea behind reading the Bible is not about reading it as often or as seldom as you do. It's the experience of seeing the history of the relationship between God and you as part of His creation. To know God, all you have to do is read the book about him, written by forty people in a span of around a millennium and a half. Whether you read a traditional Bible, download it or read it only, it's the Word of God no less.  Learn more about  
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There are no hard and fast rules on reading the Bible, but for greater spiritual satisfaction, do it not because someone's making you, or you want to impress people or you want to win a prize or recognition. All of these can help motivate you, but they should never be the reasons for you begin reading.

Read the Bible because of a real longing to know God and because you're excited to know what your He has done for you. Take your time going through each verse or chapter because you want to become wiser from them. Finally, read it because you know it will delight God and make your relationship with him more fulfilling inside and out.  Seek more info about bible .